PSTproducts – EMPT technology that works

We operate internationally. PSTproducts is the market and technology leader in the field of EMPT machine systems for the product-specific industrial manufacturing.

Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) is an innovative welding, joining, forming and cutting technology. It provides significant technical and economic advantages compared to the well-known classic processes. PSTproducts is the first company worldwide to offer EMPT machine systems that meet the requirements of industrial mass production.

We provide a qualified engineering and prototyping in advance, in order to facilitate the targeted implementation of the EMPT, thus enabling our customers to implement their solutions quickly and efficiently.

We are a family business. The success of our company is based on the fact that we actively live common values and strive to reach common goals.

In order for PSTproducts to continue its successfull growth, each individual must contribute his or her expertise and services to the satisfaction of our customers and the company, and constantly develop them further. The way we interact with each other is characterised by high esteem, mutual understanding, openness and fairness. Our aim it to have satisfied customers and employees who drive our constant growth.

Economic independence is our ultimate goal. We want to remain independent. Growth which is driven by our own resources is decisive for this. The willingness to commit oneself to the company in good times as well as in bad applies equally to everyone in the company. We are committed to achieving this together with all our abilities and great deal of passion.

PSTproducts – History and Future


Dr. Pablo Pasquale and Dipl.-VW. Wolfgang Schütz found the PSTproducts GmbH and start with the consequent industrial development of the Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) for mass application.

2004 / 2006

PSTproducts sets its focus on the new development and redefinition of "state of the art" pulse generators, coils with typical mass production life time, as well as coils with the possibility of multiple joining: one pulse enables the multiple joining simultaneously. PSTproducts is the first company worldwide to patent coils for the multiple joining in industrial mass production and in the pharmaceutical packaging technology.


The pulse generator model series PSxx BlueWave with high-performance coils is presented to the public, and sold to well-known customers from the major industry and research sector.

The numerical simulation using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is introduced into the customer-specific product prototyping and continuous improvement of the EMPT machine systems.

2008 / 2009

The first worldwide representative offices are established in Sweden, the USA and India. Numerous machine installations are already running 24/7.

2009 / 2013

PSTproducts develops and industrializes EMPT sheet metal welding. This greatly expanded the portfolio for the use of EMPT technology, in particular for hybrid material welding applications. First machines are successfully installed. Wolfgang Schütz ends his active time due to illness.

2014 / 2018

PSTproducts installs several machine systems in the People's Republic of China for the mass production of battery components. Further installations in Asia will follow, especially in the field of electromobility. The number of machines installed worldwide is increasing significantly and continuously. Most of the plants are in the field of mass production, and in a broad range of industries.

During this time PSTproducts has accrued a high degree of expertise in the field of automation, and now actively offers turnkey partially and fully automated plants.


PSTproducts is expanding its activities worldwide in the relevant markets, and is actively involved in other innovative EMPT-related topics.


PSTproducts opens PSTproducts CHINA Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.
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