EMPT Machine Systems

EMPT machine systems consist of the pulse generator and coils. The pulse generator provides the necessary high pulse currents. The coil induces eddy currents into the workpieces. The interaction of both components allows a multitude of welding, joining, forming and cutting operations on electrically conductive workpieces.

The EMPT machine systems developed and manufactured by PSTproducts consist of pulse generators and high strength coils. They meet the requirements of a modern series production plant and offer the following advantages:

Cost attractive due to low operating costs (Cost of Ownership) with a very high repetition accuracy
Easy integration into production lines and higher-level quality detecting systems
Low service and maintenance
Safe technology in accordance with legal regulations
Easy to operate

Pulse generators

PSxx-16/25 BlueWave Industrial
PSxx-16/20 BlueWave Standard

Our EMPT machine systems of the BlueWave series are used and almost endless number of welding and joining applications. Depending on wall thickness and material, the modular expandable pulse generators of the PSxx BlueWave Industrial and PSxx BlueWave Standard are available in two standardized high-voltage variants (16kV/25kV or 16kV/20kV), which can be combined with selected coils to meet the customer requirements or, if required, be adapted from the standard version.

The machine systems are equipped with tailor-made tool coils from PSTproducts. They form the heart of the EMPT technology

Here, you can find more information about our EMPT tool coils

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