EMPT in the packaging industry

Special machine configurations and patented coils make it possible to produce extremely high-volume products, such as those typically found in the packaging industry, in an unprecedented way through the use of EMPT.

In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, for example, the sterility and thus the contactless joining of aluminium caps on glass containers plays an important role, which the EMPT can perform in the best possible manner.

For extremely high-volume packaging products from the consumer area (cosmetics packaging, spirits caps, metal luxury packaging), our line of complete machine systems and their manufactured packaging products are able to stand out due to their shaping uniqueness, while fulfilling the necessary high production volumes at the same time.

The pictures show some typical products manufactured using EMPT technology for the packaging industry:

EMPT embossed lettering in the Al sleeve
EMPT crimped injection bottle
EMPT embossed bottle caps
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