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Soon, we will be reporting on the opening of our Chinese branch here.

Certain orders, in particular large or technologically challenging orders will also be documented here.

Conclusion of fruitful and successful meetings with Korean customers and business partners during their annual technology tour through Germany.

As part of an organized trip a delegation of the German-Korean Chamber of Commerce in Seoul (AHK Korea) visited us on April 1, 2019. Topic: "Industry 4.0 Smart Factory" for Korean small and medium-sized companies from the city of Incheon. The delegation included 10 Incheon manufacturing companies, an Incheon Instructor for SME support and an Incheon Business Information Technopark officer (IBITP).

After a presentation of the company, the group was able to gain a comprehensive impression of the processes and machines at PSTproducts at a tour through the design and development department and the manufacturing. The participants were very impressed by the process maturity and the possibilities of the EMPT technologies and products.

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