EMPT coils

The second core components of an EMPT machine system is the EMPT coils. Here, there is generally a distinction between 3 basic types:

Tube compression and expansion coils
Flat welding coils
Multiple joining coils

The vast majority of EMPT applications can be manufactured by using tube compression coils, standard or special designed flat coils.

The EMPT coils developed and manufactured by PSTproducts are characterised by an extremely long service life. PSTproducts tube compression coils, for example, are designed for a service life > 2 million pulses, so that they can be used with very low maintenance during mass production.

Tube compression and expansion coils

A special feature of the tube compression coil is the possibility of using so-called field shapers. The field shaper adapts to the geometry of the workpiece to be manufactured and concentrates the electromagnetic forces on the area to be machined on the workpiece. Due to the typical fast change of only field shapers and, if necessary, of corresponding mould cavities fixing the workpiece, it is very easy to produce a wide variety of product geometries on an EMPT machine.

The products shown below have been manufactured with this coil type.

Instrument panel support
Pipe connection
Cable connection / cable connector

Flat welding coils

A flat welding coil offers the option to weld predominantly flat or flat structural components in overlap. With a typical active coil web width between 5mm and 15mm and an application-dependent coil length and geometry, it is possible to produce weld seams of up to 2m long with just one pulse, in addition to the bent weld seams. The exchangeable coil web integrated into a coil table offers maximum flexibility and component accessibility.

Crash box
Battery box / frame support / structural substructure

Multiple joining coils
(MJo- Spulen)

The multiple joining coil (MJo coil) patented by PSTproducts is particularly popular in mass productions with outputs greater than 1 million components per year. This coil allows several components to be processed simultaneously with one pulse. Frequently but not exclusively, MJo coils are used in the packaging technology

Welded aluminium pressure vessel with integrated sealing ring
Cable lug connection
Crimped injection bottle
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