Engineering & Prototyping

Design guidelines, specific material combinations, designs with the target to reach competitive advantages and much more are implemented in advance, within the scope of engineering and prototyping projects in cooperation with our customers. An experienced team of experts consisting of engineers and technicians uses innovative tools such as the finite element analysis (FEA), and the wealth of experience gained through many successful projects.

Customer-specific developments and prototyping are thus an important component for the successful and rapid implementation of EMPT in mass production. This approach enables the customer to evaluate the basic feasibility and obtain first meaningful results for the later purchase decision with a manageable cost and time.

Numerical simulation of the EMPT and its applications

The use of finite element analysis (FEA) and other computer-aided simulation methods makes it possible to virtually map the technological advantages of EMPT in advance. Our calculation engineers deal with the modelling of coupled electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical problems. You too can benefit from the knowledge of our specialists when calculating your task.

Within the scope of the possible engineering and prototyping phase, state-of-the-art EMPT coils and fixtures are available to process a wide variety of tubular geometries and sheet metal applications. The tubular geometries often make use of field shaper technology, which enables a very high degree of flexibility. Different coils of different lengths are available for sheet metal welding applications.

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