Advantages of EMPT technology

Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) is based on the repulsive effect of the currents which are induced into an electrically conductive workpiece. The workpiece thereby repels from an EMPT coil. This enables a forming of metal workpieces. Compared to conventional welding, joining or forming processes, it offers the following advantages:

Forming, welding and joining without warping even with distortion-sensitive aluminium materials
High-strength welding and crimping without thermal-related loss of material properties
Multi-material welding and joints

The advantages in detail

The EMPT does not introduce any significant heat into the workpieces to be formed, welded or crimped. This means that there is no change in the properties of the materials. This is particularly advantageous for highly heat-sensitive 6000 and 7000 aluminium alloys, which can suffer strength losses of 30-50% during conventional fusion welding. EMPT compounds of such aluminium alloys, on the other hand, have their full material strength.

Due to the lack of heat input, it is also possible to create material connections between metals with different melting points, e.g. copper-aluminium connections and steel-aluminium. The welded or crimped area of such EMPT mixed joints exhibits a high-strength (the strength usually corresponds to that of the weaker joining partner), is ductile, and has outstanding electrical conductivities.

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